FomexLine Pexflex & MultiFlex For sanitation and hot water supply FomexLine PexFlex & MultiFlex are the best preinsulated PEX and PEX-AL- PEX pipes with Foam Polyethlene insulation.

FomexLine PexFlex & MultiFlex are two excellent products specially designed for sanitary and hot water supply.

Particular emphasis has been placedon protecting the pipe from heat loss, by means of Foam Polyethylene insulation as insulating material, as well as on providing easy installation of the pipes and saving expensive time and manpower effort, due

to the fact that the PEX or PEX-AL-PEX pipes are already insulated.


The FomexLine PexFlex & MultiFlex are supplied with a 6mm- to 9 mm-thick insulation wall, coated with an aesthetic white external film providing protection for the pipe and the insulation from UV radiation and mechanical damages.

Every meter of FomexLine PexFlex & MultiFlex is marked with the relevant details concerning the pipe’s insulation and dimensions for the plumber’s convenience.

The FomexLine PexFlex & MultiFlex are generally supplied in 50-meter coils.


PEX PIPE                                 Crossed-link polyethylene

PEX-AL-PEX PIPE                     2-layers of Crossed link polyethylene

                                                 with aluminnum layer in the middle

Insulation type                          Foam Polyethylene

Insulation structure                   closed cells

Insulation wall thickness          6mm - 9mm

Insulation temp.                       -60oc - +95oc

Thermal conductivity               0.036w/m*k at 20oc

Fire Rating                               Class 1 self -extinguishing/DIN4102-B2

External Coating                      white with UV protection


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